If you wake up feeling more exhausted than when you fell asleep, you’re not alone. A new survey of 2,000 U.S. adults about their sleep found the average person doesn’t get anywhere near the quality or amount of sleep they want.

On average, Americans only get six hours of sleep on any given night, and they wake up feeling well-rested only three mornings out of the week. The poll uncovered that not only were Americans seldom waking up feeling refreshed, but the average person also struggles to wind down before bed nearly half of the week.

The survey found that foods and beverages like milk (41%), tea (31%), honey (23%), wine (19%) and bananas (19%) were believed by respondents to be the best things to eat before bed to improve sleep quality. 39% rate their sleep pattern—how often they wake up during the night, and whether or not they wake feeling rested—as below average. Only 8% said they have an “excellent” sleep pattern.