The Tomb Was Empty

Great Ways to Celebrate Each Day of Holy Week as a Family 

1. Palm Sunday Tree Planting Celebration Read Matthew 21:7-9. Plant a palm tree (either indoors or outdoors) as a reminder of the palm branches used to line the path as Jesus rode into Jerusalem. 

2. Holy Monday Donation Celebration Read Matthew 21:12-13. Have a 30-minute “clearing out” party by setting a timer and having each family member fill a box with things they no longer need. Then donate them. 

3. Holy Tuesday Celebration of the Greatest Commandments Read Matthew 22:37-40. Discuss examples of what it looks like to obey these commandments, such as putting others first, displaying the fruit of the Spirit, and doing everything from a heart of love. 

4. Spy Wednesday Celebration with a Gift Exchange Read Matthew 26:6-13. Talk about the woman’s lavish gift and her role in preparing Jesus for his burial. Let this be a discussion about having a generous heart and willingness to give. 

5. Maundy Thursday Family Communion Celebration Read Matthew 26: 26-30. Talk about communion and the symbolism of the bread and wine as Jesus’ body and blood. 

6. Good Friday Passion of The Christ Celebration Read Matthew 27:45-50. Discuss why this day is referred to as Good Friday when it was the day of Jesus’ death. 

7. Holy Saturday Celebration of Rest Read Matthew 27:57-60. Talk about how God provided Joseph at just the right time to care for Jesus’ body and place it in the tomb he’d recently cut out of rock. This can be a wonderful discussion about God’s provision. 

8. Easter Sunday Celebration – He Is Risen Indeed! Read Matthew 28:5-6. Emphasize the reason for celebrating Easter – the joyous resurrection of Jesus. Let your family know that while hunting for eggs and getting candy is fun, the real reason there’s an Easter Sunday is that Jesus rose from the dead.