Here’s an interesting list of name on the verge of extinction according to

Girl names at risk of extinction

Brooke (down 198 spots)
Blake (down 185 spots)
Mckenzie (down 184 spots)
Brooklynn (down 182 spots)
Charli (down 179 spots)
Raegan (down 161 spots)
Mckenna (down 150 spots)
Finley (down 144 spots)
Amanda (down 131 spots)
Michelle (down 129 spots)

Boy names at risk of extinction

Julius (down 189 spots)
Jaiden (down 151 spots)
Johnny (down 150 spots)
Raiden (down 147 spots)
Reid (down 143 spots)
Brady (down 114 spots)
Nasir (down 114 spots)
Ronan (down 104 spots)
Bradley (down 104 spots)
Clayton (down 102 spots)