Woooohoooo!  I am so excited that fun, artistic fashion pins are back for Fall Winter 2021!  Louis Vuitton started the trend in their spring 2020 shows and many big designers showcased brooches and pins with their fall/winter 2021 duds!
I love a brooch!  You can literally make anything look more special and unique by simply adding a pin!  It doesn’t get more simple!  And yet, a brooch heralds your creative spirit and effort!  It’s a total win win!  Easy, looks new and vintage at the same time.  Elevates your basics and adds a touch of glamour. Perfect addition to any zoom top or tee for sure!!
Your grandmother will approve and so will your girlfriends. Brooches are just the coolest. Begin your hunt on auctions sites like ebay and posh mark and DO NOT TRASH YOUR COLLECTION when the trend wains…they always come back and then you get to rediscover your stylish goodies!
So go!  Break out your brooches. You can do this!