It’s time to update your sunnies!  Sure you’re going to look fabulous in extra large oversized black glasses, the rounder shapes that have been popular for the last few years or mirrored aviators, but here are a few new options that will have you looking unique, fresh, and modern. 

Skinny Fashion Sunglasses have a retro vibe and have been building in popularity for a few seasons. The extreme cat eye is always flattering and though this look doesn’t offer a lot of protection, the high fashion vibe makes it a current must-have. 

Embellished sunglasses are also hot right now. Just like sequins during the day, rhinestoned lenses are a trend that is fun and a little flashy. This is an inexpensive confidence boost that’s worth it. 

White Sunglasses, specifically white plastic glasses with black lenses are a high end designer do. Louis Vuitton, Moncler and YSL all have a white line this summer and the white sunnies simply look fresh and sharp with all of your summer ensembles.  Try and cheap pair and I’m sure you’ll be hooked. 

Colored Plastic Sunglasses are a natural extension of all of the color we’ve seen in fashion. Purple, pink, yellow orange and blue frames and lenses look modern and chic with a monochromatic outfit. These can be skinny, oversized, flat top or round, the big statement is big bold color. 

The great thing about sunglasses is that you can find a fabulous pair for under $10 and there is hardly a bigger fashion statement for your buck. Anyone and everyone should have a wardrobe of fun and fashionable sunnies. This is an easy update. You can do it.