It’s an old joke, “Runners never stretch.” But honestly, it’s pretty accurate.

More often than not, I will get back from a run or a race and just move on to the next thing. (You know, the medal, the bananas, the socializing) C’mon, who needs to stretch?


Stretching is an important part of staying healthy. So why don’t we do it? Well, it kind of hurts. It is time-consuming. And, it hurts! I’d rather just log some miles than stretch.

Well, recently, I tweaked something that has caused me some neck pain. It has been difficult to put my chin to my chest. The best way to relieve the pain? Stretching.  It hurts like crazy to do it, yet it is the only way I have found relief.

I am sure there are times you’ve been stretched, too. It isn’t fun at all. Yet, it has a purpose. Stretched in your job. Stretched in a relationship. Stretched financially. We don’t like being stretched. But think about it, after the stretching, you always look back and think, “Actually, I’m glad I was stretched.”

Today, where do you feel like you’re being stretched? I encourage you to, “welcome the stretch” and see what kind of benefits come your way.

Embrace stretching. Go make a difference. Always run by faith.