By now, you know how much I love running. It has been a passion of mine for almost 10 years. At first, it was for the exercise. But, that has changed a bit. Now, it’s for the exercise, and the community of people.

Recently, I ran 5 miles with a new friend, Ryan. We had a wonderful chat about everything from running, to family, to faith. (The miles go by so much faster when you’re having a great chat).

I mentioned to Ryan that I have been reading, and studying, the book of Proverbs in the Bible. Proverbs aims to teach Biblical wisdom. Who doesn’t need a little more wisdom, right? I shared that in Proverbs 5, it talks about avoiding promiscuity, and the slippery road it can take you down.

Ryan then shared with me something that he overheard at the gym. He was near 2 guys that were bashing their wives. Things like, “yeah the old lady…” and, “I wish that she…”, and other demoralizing things they were laughing about.

Well, Ryan couldn’t take it anymore. He spoke up. “I’m so sorry your marriage is so bad. You know, I love my wife. She is my best friend, and I cannot wait to get home everyday to see her.” At that moment, those 2 gentleman sat in silence. Until one of them said, “Well, we were just kidding, we don’t really feel that way…”. But, the damage had already been done. That was the life-long impression they left with Ryan. Isn’t that sad?

Like Ryan, I look forward to walking in to my house and seeing Patty, my best friend, everyday. We haven’t always had an easy road, but with God’s guidance, it has been so worth it.

How do you speak about your spouse, or significant other, when they aren’t around? If someone overheard your “spouse” conversation, what would they think?

Be wise. Brag on your spouse. Always run by faith.