It’s SPRING! It’s SPRING!  We made it!  Winter 2020-2021 is done and gone.  It’s time to lighten up, clean out and plan for new adventures!!
Let’s start with our closet!
Our wardrobes have changed A LOT over the past year so it’s time to really assess what we have, need and want for our lives and fashion/style/look moving forward. 
Every year I go through my closet and make 4 piles
Donate gets a tax credit or consigned, recreate needs an alteration that is less than $20, contemplate gets moved to the far end of the closet with the hanger hook facing out and fits me great gets organized by season, garment type and color!
This single afternoon project is the most liberating and cleansing thing you can do for yourself.  Get rid of beat up handbags, jeans that don’t work, hole-y underwear, garments with stains, ratty sweaters and shoes that hurt!  You do not need clothes that don’t fit, don’t flatter or reflect who you are. 
Purge baby PURGE!
Take back control and make getting dressed a pleasure. 
You can do this!!

XO Andy