If you haven’t noticed…deodorants have really changed in the past couple of years.

It’s a tough subject to talk about, but there’s been so many improvements in deodorants it’s worth the uncomfortable conversation.

Deodorants are safer, stronger, more natural and better than ever before. AND they’re not just for your underarms anymore.

There are gel based deodorants that also work as anti chaffing barriers. So you can use them when running or doing repetitive activities as body deodorants. Yep, you can put them anywhere; feet, thighs, chest, arms and tummies.

No more aluminum, parabens, chalky residue and artificial fragrances. Deodorants today use essential oils, fruit acids and minerals, they glide on and are invisible. Some even support GOOD bacteria and prebiotic balance which can help keep skin in healthy.

If your worried to try a new natural deodorant under your arms start with another body part and see how it works. You may be happy and amazed!