25 Things Husbands Should Start Doing From Family Life
1. Lavish her with attention.
2. Value her emotions by unveiling yours.
3. Date your wife.
4. Shatter her expectations on your next date.
5. Seize the calendar.
6. Forget yourself.
7. Don’t be a couch potato.
8. Commend her God-given gifts.
9. Cherish her uniqueness aloud.
10. Notice things.
11. Detect when things are off.
12. Stick to your word, even in the small things.
13. Beat her to the punch … of asking for forgiveness.
14. Obtain perspective in conflict.
15. Defend her from all attacks.
16. Acknowledge that her job is (most likely) way harder than yours.
17. Report the details of your day to her.
18. Include her in financial decisions.
19. Cuddle and kiss her daily.
20. Let her make the rules about your interaction with other women.
21. Protect your sexual union
22. Swoon over her beauty.
23. Swell with pride at her compliments.
24. Advise your soul to stay tethered to the Bible.
25. Follow Jesus’ leading in your personal life and as you lead your family.