The right sunglasses just make you feel like a rock star!  You know when you put them on you’ve found your fabulous face-framing, paparazzi dodging, sun shades. They just make you look better, more chic. 
Well, there is a formula for finding the best sunglasses for your face and there are some shapes that really do work on every face. Like, cat-eye shape for example looks universally great on everyone, because they’re uplifting and offer balance and angles to the face. 
This is a basic rule of thumb! You want to offer balance and dynamic frame shapes to your face shape. The size of the frame is also very important.  Most frames have three numbers on the arm that tell you the eye size, bridge size and arm or temple length. The eye size indicates the area around the eye or the size of the lens. 
I find I usually look good in an eye size between 50-52. Anything smaller and they make my face look larger.  
Figuring out the eye size that looks best on you will go a long way towards determining the most attractive frames or sunglasses. 

As I mentioned every face shape looks good in cat-eye shape sunglasses, but round faces look best in something oversized and more square. Oval faces look great In triangular aviators. Square faces look good in larger round shapes and heart shape faces look terrific in wayfarers. 
This season you’ll also find that colored lenses are a huge trend. Rose tones, true yellow, blue and green are all additional indicators of style and chic color courage. Give the charts below a glance and take a risk when it comes to your sunglasses. Don’t wimp out, go bold and fun. 

You can do this. XO Andy