For years, we’ve encouraged you to always put others needs ahead of your own. Here’s today’s JOYStory. It’s SO Inspiring.  It comes to us from Brann’s Restaurant.

The support from our community for Brann’s staff and Brann’s as a company is overwhelming. The great in the USA shines bright during any crisis that occurs. That’s why the USA is the greatest country in the world. Here’s a great example:  A women came into Brann’s and handed several envelopes (with $$ inside) to our GM and asked that we distribute them to staff. She INSISTED  that her donation be anonymous. What a kind, generous, caring, and compassionate gesture!  Takeout guests have been very generous in their gratuities to our staff as well. Again, the great in our communities shines bright in difficult times.  Guests have been very supportive of our restaurants. Many guests have said they are ordering takeout from Brann’s because we want to support you as your business goes through the shutdown of no in-restaurant dining.  Brann’s appreciates all of the local support for our staff – both financially and as humanitarians who care about others.  Like the old saying, “When the going gets tough, the tough get going.”           That’s the USA!

Be Safe and Thank You!

 Johnny Brann Sr.