Bricks are not probably something you would think as being useful in the kitchen. But wrap them a couple times in heavy-duty aluminum foil and if that foil gets dirty, just replace it!

Now if you’re wondering what you’re doing with that wrapped brick next, let me tell you! For starters, you can cook chicken under it. And once you’re finished you’ll find that many meats would benefit from being cooked with a little pressure on top. Bacon is another one. A brick will keep the bacon from curling up and preventing portions from cooking evenly on the pan.
It can also help you get a faster and more even sear on a steak, chop, or thick burger. It is recommended NOT to use a brick for a thin smash burger that sticks to the pan just fine after the initial pressing.

The brick can also come in handy with anything that needs to be pressed or weighed down for a while.