This week is teacher appreciation week! Due to the circumstances right now, many of us have an even greater appreciation for teachers than normal. Or at least a new understanding of what teaching is like for them. We’ve compiled a list of some of the specific things we appreciate teachers for. Don’t forget to thank them this week!

– How they make “boring” concepts fun
– How hard they work to connect with each student
– How much patience they have
– How tough it is to teach more than one kid at a time
– How much they put up with from parents
– How they roll with the punches
– How fast they have to eat
– How incredibly organized they have to be
– How teaching kids is more than just sharing information
– How their workday never really ends
– How they are therapists as well as educators
– How creative they are in teaching the same thing different ways
– How much weirder math has gotten
– How much extra stuff they do in the classroom
– How knowledgeable they are
– How school librarians don’t get enough love
– How much they care about the whole family
– How much they really love the kids