Sneaker jewelry!
So I noticed this trend while I was in Europe a few weeks ago and it’s becoming a thing for spring. Just like a great charm bracelet, strand of pearls, or rhinestone bauble that can tell the story of your creative spirit, travels, hobbies, or loved ones, sneaker jewelry and sneaker charms can add to the glamour, uniqueness, and the story of your favorite kicks.
Bejewel your laces, add chains of gold, nameplates, pearls, charms, beads, and pins. Your sneakers are the latest canvas for your favorite adornment.
There are companies making sneaker jewelry with easy attachments that clip anywhere on your sneaker, but one look and you’ll know you can easily make these jewels yourself.
And what a great, unique gift for friends!  I love the idea of a sneaker charm swap so you can wear the charms of your besties.
This is a fun one we can all do.