My favorite joy bringer this week?! My best friend Heather!! We haven’t seen each other for a few months and she is here spending my birthday week with me. Since we do life together each day on Joy99 I think it’s very important that you get to know my bestie! 

1. How did we meet?    My husband and Heather were in group that went to the Price Is Right! And my husband was picked to be a contestant and won a car! (Heather is still biter she didn’t get picked!)
2. When did we know our friendship was forever?
– Season would bring Heather coffee and Heather would always  be sure to carry a blanket for Season who’s always cold. Sealed the deal.
3.  Who’s the better influence?    Season! Heather calls her her pocket holy spirit! 
4. Three things we 100% agree on: 
–  Jesus is everything.
– Friendship is life. 
– The best and only way to watch the Bachelor is knowing all the spoilers. 
5. Three things we 100% disagree on.
– Karaoke  (Heather LOVES, Season HATES)
– Football (Heather is in the Raider nation, Season married into a Chiefs family).
– Cooked veggies (Season might as well be a vegetarian. Heather will eat only french fries).
6. Favorite thing to do together?
We LOVE to sip iced tea (preferably tropical) over lunch for HOURS and solve all the world’s problems.