My favorite bringer of comfort and joy .. My huge blanket! 
Someone I don’t know very well made this for me during a time of great trauma and chaos in my life. It’s huge! About 9 ft long and 4 ft wide, it’s heavy, cozy, and totally made with love. The woman who gave it to me said she felt led by the Lord to make me one and when she went to the fabric store she was led to the feathers, signifying being covered, and the goats (doing yoga? haha!!)  signifying power.  She said as she tied each know she prayed for me and I can feel it! I wrap up in this blanket everyday and I’m surrounded by the comfort and joy of the Lord. 
One of the things I’m most grateful for is that this woman showed me love in a time of great need by just doing what she loves to do. You don’t have to think too hard to be a blessing to someone. Just do what you love and it will bring love and joy.