“If there any area of your life that isn’t glistening with hope then somewhere you are under the influence of a lie.” — Francis Frangipane
Hope is everywhere. But I’ll admit, sometimes I don’t see it. There are times I look around and only see chaos, strife, confusion, and darkness.  Certain situations just feel hopeless. But according to my favorite quote, if we can’t see the glittering sparkle of hope, we are under the influence of a lie. Because, again, hope is everywhere. Why? Because Jesus is everywhere. Jesus is Lord—King over all. There is nothing too big or too hard for the Lord. That’s the truth!
So, when I can’t see the sparkle, when I’m blinded by the darkness, I’m reminded to ask, “What lie am I belonging, God?”
Most often, the lie I believe is that God is distant, or that he’s not good. It’s hard to even write those words out. I want to say that I ALWAYS KNOW God is good and that he’s always present and at work, but the reality is, I forget or struggle to believe that sometimes.
Identifying the lies we believe about God helps us to move onto the next question, “So what’s the truth, Lord?”  He loves to reveal truth! He IS the truth! Asking God to show you where he is and what he’s up to helps reveal the sparkle. When we see the truth, we can partner with it. Recognizing that God is present and at work doing a good thing gives us direction. We can pray from a place or power. We can partner in his agenda. We can help shine the light of truth into the darkness!
There is a lot going on in the world right now. It is scary, and big! But God is bigger. God is good in the difficulty and he is present in the pain. There is always reason to hope in his faithfulness and love. See it? Even if it’s tiny, hope glistens.