IMG_20170427_190831376Hey there. Thanks for stopping by. This is really my very first post. I’ve been trying to find a way to keep giving you all my Cookin With Brook recipes. So many people have been asking for them.

I keep losing them. And what I mean by that, is…every radio station I’ve worked at has housed them on their site and then either deleted them or have not given me a chance to take them with me. So I end up starting over.

WELL…not any more. I’m going to make sure I keep them safe and secure. Right here. It’s going to take awhile to build them all back up again, but I will. Believe me. I love sharing my family’s favorite recipes with you and I appreciate how much you love them! Thank you.

Keep your eyes here to see more and more. And if by any chance you’ve ever printed any of my other ones or have them somewhere, please email them to me! It will help me get this built!

THANKS! ~Brook