What is faith? Faith seemingly seems something different to everyone. Faith is as universal as breathing air and also as diverse as Jesus himself.
There are 2 types of faith: general faith and religious faith. General faith could be something as simple as believing that a chair will hold your weight. Religious faith is believing in a supreme being that one can not necessarily see or touch. In the bible, in Matthew 18:5, Jesus talks about adults changing and becoming like little children in order to enter the kingdom of heaven. Jesus instructs us to have faith like a child. What is it that children have that we do not?
My 4 year old son would believe just about anything you told him. He also finds joy in everything! He keeps it simple. He trusts with ease. He loves so freely. He also recovers quickly from setbacks.
As adults, we can complicate things so terribly. While I absolutely believe that theology is important, I also think we miss the mark entirely! Maybe as we prepare our hearts for Easter we should take a lesson from the little children around us!