Season’s Joy Bringers

I love to read scripture, but I do it so much that I often don’t have time to read anything else. So I love to find some books that can be read in small doses. These are my 2 current favs. The Rock, the Road, and the Rabbi by Kathy lee Gifford and Rabbi Jason Strobel takes the reader on a fascinating journey through the holy land. Every (very short!) chapter will touch your heart and inspire you to dig deeper.

She Walked Before Us by Jill Eileen Smith is brand new! A study of 12 women of the Old Testament, it helps connect us to the very real and very relevant lives and lessons found in each one. A great book to be read with friends or done as a Bible Study!

*I’ve got two copies of She Walked Before Us to give away! The first TWO people to message the station Facebook page win!