A friend of mine posted this a couple weeks ago:

It’s so sad to read of my friend’s loss, but it always makes me wonder why we don’t put more effort into posting tributes while our loved ones are still here with us.

Last weekend, we did just that. It was a celebration of my mother’s 90th birthday! Everyone in the family was there. We put a special book together of the “90 things we love” about her and we all read one or two of them out loud. In front of her. While she was still sitting with us and laughing at all the funny stories. We all loved it and hopefully she did, too.

Brooke’s Mom and Dad

I want to do more of that. Showing my gratitude for things I currently have and people that are currently in my life. Rather than waiting until I’m hungry, I want to thank God for my food. Before my parents or my spouse or my siblings pass away, I want to thank God for their presence in my life.

Although you wouldn’t know it from my 90-year-old mom and my almost 93-year-old dad, life is short. Gratitude, it seems is something we only think about in November. We get ready for “Thanksgiving” and leave it for just that day. “Let’s go around the table and say one thing we’re thankful for”, do you remember doing that? Why just one? Why just on Thanksgiving?

I’m SO GRATEFUL for the health and longevity of my parents. I hope they know that. But I promise I’ll make more of a conscious effort to tell them often while they’re still here. That’s why not to wait.