Take your working from home look back to the office!
I remember reporting 4 years ago from the Paris runway shows that pajamas and night gowns were the future of fashion…after lots of laughing and a world wide, sloth inducing pandemic shut down, pajama chic is real. 
There are a few key tips to making this look work for outside of the house. 
1. Choose richer, muted or earth tones. No patterned pajamas or night shirts. 
2. Don’t wear your “work PJs” to bed. Save them for nice!  Ha! Not kidding. 
3. This look should be oversized and loose.  The PJs or Sleep shirt should just skim the body. Nothing tight, short, or fitted. It would defeat the purpose of the look. 
4. Keep hair and makeup groomed, sleek, sophisticated and not messy. No bed head. 
5. Choose elevated shoes. No slippers, Uggs or house shoes. Your shoes are everything for this look. 
6.  Don’t be afraid to elevate the look with luxury accessories. Pearls, nice handbag, layered bracelets all sell pajama chic as a choice in opulence and not laziness. 
Come’on and try it. Even if it’s just a top or bottom with jeans or a great sweater. You can do this.