1 Peter 1:6 is scribbled on a lime green sticky note in my office and is something I clung onto in 2023:
So be truly glad. There is wonderful joy ahead. Even though you must encounter trials of many kinds for a little while. 

I didn’t realize it when I jotted it down, but the trials the Christians of that day were enduring intense suffering and persecution, groups were saying evil things about them, and followers of Christ were tempted to retaliate in kind and repay harsh words with harsh words, They were tempted to compromise their godly lifestyle because of the grief it caused them (source NLT illustrated Study Bible). Perhaps you can relate? Peters’s encouragement was to look forward, with great joy, in the midst of trials. Perhaps that’s something we can pursue as we look toward 2024, acknowledge the trials of 2023, but also acknowledge there is wonderful joy ahead and we can be glad because Christ provided for our salvation and our holiness and has also given us an example to imitate.

Praying wonderful joy over your life this Christmas season,