Have you ever thought about wearing a wig? The luxury of just putting on a perfectly styled look is pretty enticing right? 
Well wigs are making a comeback in a big big way. No matter your ethnicity, you can find a fabulous wig that will look terrific on you. 
My friend Tracy and I made an appointment to visit a wig salon to try a few changes on and I can’t tell you how impressed I was with the quality and value of today’s modern wigs. These are not the wigs your grandmother wears or what you would sport for Halloween. 

The rule used to be that you couldn’t heat style a synthetic hair wig, but that’s not the case anymore. Today’s synthetic wigs can take styling heat up to 400 degrees. So you can flat iron, curl or crimp your wig to create different styles whenever you want. 
Synthetic wigs also no longer look overly shining and fake. They Incorporate many different color variants and even ombré with darker roots and lighter tips. 

I tried on lots of looks and found the whole process pretty easy with the help of a wig cap. A beautiful synthetic wig can be purchased for under $50 and a real hair wig will run you around $250. 
But if you’ve ever thought about it, make an appointment and try some wigs on. I believe you’ll be impressed!  Wigs are so fun and they make changing your look as easy and putting one on. 
Thanks Moira Rose for all the inspo!!
You can do this XOA