Do you SMILE more than not?

Are you a frequent smiler? I would say for me, probably not. If someone followed me around shooting video, I wonder what the ratio of smiling vs. not-smiling would be. I mean, I’m supposed to spread JOY whether I’m talking into the microphone or not. So why is it so hard to smile more?

Well, some days are tough. Yes. SOME days. But most days? Most days are good. And God is ALWAYS good. Even on the days that are challenging. Proverbs 15:30 reminds us “A cheerful look brings joy to the heart:” Have you ever thought that your smile could brighten someone’s day? I think it not only brings the receiver JOY, but the giver feels JOY when they smile as well.

And then there’s THIS guy. My husband, my Captain. He has the BEST smile and is very quick to give it. I’m learning lots from him, too! ~Brooke