I’m always looking for small fashion and beauty shifts that can make a big impact and I have a great one as we dive into summer fun and activities.
An upgrade to vegan leather or leather based, elegant and fashionable flip flops or slides will make a huge difference in your summer time throw-on attire.
Better footwear improves the look of sundresses, beach clothes and coverups, shorts and rompers.
It’s easy to default to a $.99 black pair of rubber flip flops as your season go-to but a more grown up, purposeful leather slide or flip-flop will both make you feel elevated and make everything else look more luxe.
You can find great options in stores now, but don’t wait  because many summer styles are one shipment and done. It’s worth the extra fashion dollars to improve the look of your entire summer wardrobe.
So usually I’m all about waiting for a great sale, but if you’re in love with a summer shoe that you know you’ll wear almost daily, it’s worth the price to grab it at the beginning of the season.
No rubber shoes for you. Choose elegance and style this summer.
We can do this!
XO Andy