There are many songs that we all love at Christmas. Some are meant to move you, like, “O Holy Night”. Some are meant for nostalgia with lyrics like, “i’m dreaming of a White Christmas”. And some are just meant for the season, like “Deck The Halls. But here’s a little tidbit, I bet you didn’t know. Jingle Bells, although a Christmas favorite written a little over 150 years ago, was never really intended for Christmas.  It was originally written for a Sunday school class to be sung at Thanksgiving. Now, before you jump off your one horse open sleigh, take a listen closely to the song. You’ll notice that the rhythm is pretty similar to the sound of trotting horses. (sing it in your head. Notice the rhythm?)  Also, did you ever catch the fact that there really aren’t any references to Christmas?  (insert mind blown emoji)  That said, may your dashing through the snow, keep you laughing all the way!