The return of the pointy-toe shoe!

Oh my goodness do I love a pointy-toe shoe. Pointy toes make your legs look longer, your foot more elegant and they make your outfit look more luxe and rich in seconds flat!

The 2023 return to the pointy toe applies to all types of shoes, boots and flats. Everything will look more elevated, tailored and refined when you simply add a pointy-toe shoe. 

The return of the pointy-toe shoe!

So before you buy those round-toe boots or ballet flats, think about looking around for something pizza shaped. The classic pointy toe is one you can’t go wrong with. They always look chic and stylish. Always! 

So shop for some comfy options. Don’t let the shape fool you. You can find comfortable pointy-toe shoes. And spend with confidence, you’re sure to get your cost per wear out of pointy-toe shoes in 2023. 

You can do this!!

XO Andy