Which spot has the most germs?

According to a new study, there’s one area in your kitchen you likely didn’t realize could be festering with germs. The study measured the “prevalence and degree of cross-contamination across a variety of kitchen surfaces during a consumer meal preparation event.” And the place the researchers found to have the highest amount of cross-contamination is…your spice jars. The moral here is this: Clean everything you touch — including spice jars — following meal prep.


In a related study, a microbiologist has left people horrified after sharing just how dirty a kitchen sink can be, even after it’s been thoroughly cleaned. Tim Call posted a video on TikTok in which he tested his kitchen sink for bacteria before cleaning it with hot water and soap and testing it again to see how many germs he’d managed to get rid of. And the results are bad news for germaphobes, as even with a good scrub and some bacteria-killing supplies, the scientist still found a whopping 45,000 original bacteria samples lurking behind.