Our good friend Ryan Stevenson needs your help! Check out what happened to him. Such a bummer!

Hey friends & fam. As some of you may have heard, 2 weeks ago, while I was out on my West Coast Tour, our van and trailer was stolen during the night from a hotel parking lot while we were asleep. We lost literally everything, and none of our insurances are covering the loss….I’ve had a very heavy heart, and have been embarrassed and discouraged about this ordeal. I haven’t said anything publicly, as I’ve been waiting on the final outcome of the insurance… Sacramento Police finally found the van & trailer, but both had been totally stripped, and in separate locations. No property was recovered at all! My home church back in Boise, ID has stepped up, and has offered to host an online giving link to help help us recover from this massive setback. If you feel led to donate on-line, you can do so by following this link. All donations are tax deductible. Thanks so much for your prayers and support, and thanks for sharing this link!! Again, I’m so grateful for any and all support.- Ryan

Click if you’d like to support him. But above all, please pray for him!