This week’s fashion tip from our Fashionista, Andy Paige!

Feeling fashionable and shopping for new stuff is hardly on anyone’s todo list these days. Most of us are living in jeans and sweats and trying to figure out how to make them look a little more special.
And here ya go!
A fabulous and fashionable jewelry trend for fall is to layer up your real necklaces. Thin gold chains with pendants, name plates, gems and pearls all look super chic when you wear them all at the same time.
I love this trend because most of us have necklaces we cycle through or have stopped wearing for one reason or the other. This trend sees you bringing all of those back out and clustering them.
There are even layering clasps to make the trend easier, but no matter, this is very doable, very easy and very trendy.
You can do this!