Unity Music Festival!

The Unity Christian Music Festival is a wonderful event for West Michigan. It’s 4 days of amazing music, friends, and stories. Many of the stories you hear from on-stage. But I ‘d like to share with you a story that was told off stage.

I spoke to a man who was recently released from jail after 7 years behind bars. He brought his friend, who is about to be released from jail, and on parole, after 23 years behind bars. This man, now a follower of Jesus, with tears in his eyes said to me, “After 23 years behind bars, I’m dedicating the rest of my life to volunteer as a chaplain in the jail.” That man is now 73 years old, and wants to use his remaining years to make an impact in the jail.

This simple conversation reminded me that no matter what our mistakes may be, we serve a God who is certainly big enough to not only forgive them, but allow us to use those stories to inspire and hep change others.

Who is that ‘someone’ in your life that is ‘free’ on the outside, but ‘behind bars’ on the inside? Reach out and let them know that God holds the keys to release them!