I saw this today on the Protect Young Eyes Facebook page, and believe it is very important! Especially if you’re tired of seeing ads for the things you just searched for showing up everywhere you go on the internet?

I recently watched a L’ange hair video (this is Betsy) and found my feed inundated with L’ange hair care ads for the next week! Or maybe you share a computer with family members and prefer your son not see advertisements for tummy control undergarments, because you just so happened to be searching for this exact product 10 minutes prior (he probably doesn’t want to see them either).

Remember, you’re being tracked. Websites drop “cookies” on your devices to keep track of where you’ve been. Then, they try to show you more ads for the items you just visited.

It’s referred to as “behavioral” or “interest-based” advertising. Not everyone loves it.

Would you like to turn off interest-based advertising? Here’s what you do. On every device you use to access the internet, open its browser. Then, visit this link and allow the ensuing site to scan your browser for your preferences. Opt-out of as much as you like. Remember, it’s your data!