I couldn’t stand it anymore! Our old home has tiny closets and after months of stating the need to declutter and scale down, this weekend I embarked on the daunting task of cleaning out my closet, As I was purging I began to think about the Lenten season. Amidst the chaos of ignored garments and ill-fitting items, I gathered many bags of items no longer serving their purpose in my life. As I loaded the bags into my car, I felt a weight lifting from my shoulders, both metaphorically and literally.

As I made my way to the thrift store, excited to release the literal baggage, I couldn’t shake the sense of liberation that washed over me. It was as though with each step, I was shedding not just material possessions, but also the attachments and expectations that had cluttered my mind and spirit. Letting go became a tangible act, a visceral reminder that freedom lies in releasing what no longer aligns with our present selves.

As the hard-working gentleman was taking my heavy bags of no longer wanted clothing, I realized the profound parallels between this simple act of decluttering and the deeper spiritual journey of Lent. Just as I had cleared physical space in my closet, Lent invites us to declutter our hearts and minds, making room for the transformative power of grace and renewal.

As Lent begins, let’s explore the joy of letting go. Often seen as a time of sacrifice, Lent offers an opportunity for profound liberation. Letting go frees us from burdens, creating space for lightness and new beginnings. Out with the old (shame, lies, guilt, fear, limited thinking, etc.) and in with the new (trust, power, grace, joy, peace, and so much more!).

In this season of reflection,I challenge you to find the joy of sacrifice and letting go. Jesus showed us that it’s possible!

How does that sound?


Season Bowers