Adrianne Curry Apologizes for Judging Kirk Cameron for His Faith
Adrianne Curry, a former “America’s Next Top Model” contestant and actress, admitted this week in a Facebook post that she was indoctrinated by “Godless Individuals” in Hollywood to criticize actor and outspoken Christian Kirk Cameron “simply because he found God.”

The retired actress admitted that she used to be “intolerable” of folks with different worldviews and beliefs and that she felt like a jerk for harboring such unfair thoughts about Cameron.

In the post, she stated, in part, “I used to judge Kirk Cameron. Why? Simply because he found God. I sneered at the mention of his name … because my agnostic beliefs set me above all others in my infinite Godless greatness. When I really ask myself why I did so, my only truthful answer is that I was surrounded by Godless people who fancied themselves better than anyone and everyone who had faith in anything besides their own selfish selves.”

We love how Kirk Cameron responded, “I didn’t find God in Babylon; He wasn’t lost. I was lost, and He found me. Blessings to you on your journey…”