This is Johnny. He is my sweet uncle. He has been missing for 27 years. He was found dehydrated and homeless in Arizona Thursday and taken to an emergency room and after identifying him and looking for family the nurse gave him a phone to FaceTime with my mother. Our family is rejoicing that he has been found and that he is being given medical care but because of corona we can’t get into see him… so please celebrate with us his being found and please pray for his continued recovery and that we can be reunited as a family very soon. Most people don’t know this but when I was trying to come up with my band name for Plumb… “a girl named Johnny“ was one of the options, named after him… because he is my first memory of loving music… He and his acoustic guitar. With chewing tobacco in his cheek and a wad of bubble gum in mine he taught me how to spit into a spittoon. ? He was fun and handsome and funny and kind and I’ve missed having him in my life… and I am so thrilled that not only has he been found but the joy that my sweet mama and her siblings are experiencing right now is incredible! #PrettySureASongIsComingOut ofThis