Our Fashionista Andy Paige has the answers!

This time of year we break out our suede shoes, purses, gloves, coats and jackets…we love the soft feel and Lux look of suede, but it can be hard to care for. So here are a few easy ways to keep your suede looking new.

  1.  Rub suede with suede. If you have a few simple scuffs on a jacket or purse, take the sleeve or strap of your purse and rub the area, suede on suede. This will reignite the natural oils in the leather and eliminate the scuffs.
  1. Use a foam sponge to buff out scuffs. A new makeup sponge is great option.
  1. Use rubbing alcohol on a cotton pad for dark stains, like denim or dyes. Blot and brush the effected area.
  1. Use white vinegar to remove salt stains. Blot the salt area with vinegar on a cotton pad, brush the suede with a nail brush and let dry.

Stuff the shoes, purse or sleeves with tissue to support the shape while drying.