Hot hair tools have gone unisex as more and more men are opting to flat iron their hair, heat comb their beards and even use a curling iron to create more volume, height and shape. 
Men are indeed taking their hair game to the next level, learning how to blow dry with a round brush/heat vent and adding hot tools to their daily routine. As a result, manufacturers are taking note and offering the guys unique, man-friendly versions of tools that will make every day look like a salon or barber day. 
You can find lots of instructional videos on TicToc and YouTube of men explaining how to achieve certain trendy looks with hair tools that would have previously been considered feminine or girly. No more. 
Now men can confidently work at their desired look with all of the tools in the hair chest. 
So ladies, help your honey and teach them to use your hair tools. You may find they feel and look more youthful and confident. It’s worth a shot!