Our focus this November, as it is every November, is “Thanksliving”. The idea being that gratitude should be a lifestyle, not just something we talk about once a year over the Thanksgiving table. There are lots of ways to cultivate an attitude of gratitude, like gratitude journals or even making a practice of writing thank you notes which make us feel better and enhance our mood immediately.

A newer idea I was just reading about in HERE is to actually find a gratitude buddy—it can be your spouse, your kid, or friend at work. Set aside some minutes every day where you two (or more if you have more buddies) sit together and discuss things you are thankful for. Ask questions to each other and discuss things you are thankful for. Ask questions and open up informally. Sharing thoughts of gratefulness with someone is a great way to sustain motivation and strengthen your emotional skills!  We all have people in our lives who do the exact opposite of this, who seem to just focus on the negative aspects of life, what about an intentional gathering or meeting with the express purpose of cultivating an attitude of gratitude?


Need a little extra encouragement and JOY today? Listen live here!