I was one of those college students who never gave much, if any, thought to what I wanted to be when I grew up. At Hope College, I took a lot of classes in psychology and religion but after graduating I was a bit stuck as to what I was going to actually do with that as I wasn’t headed to Grad school to become a psychologist. I worked a few random jobs and felt really unsettled. So I prayed about it, that God would open the right door to the right thing at the right time. Maybe you have a college graduate in this predicament right now! Soon after (and this is as close to ever having heard the audible voice of God in my life!) I heard, or sensed, or got some wild hair that radio is what I should pursue.

I had no experience in radio, no real experience in public speaking but I mustered up all my courage and called Tommy Dylan who was on the morning show, and asked how to get into radio. He told me to bring in a “tape” which is a collection of my best work, which of course I didn’t have. So I rented a tape player with a microphone contraption and interviewed my college professors as to why they thought I’d be good on the radio. A few days later I brought in this tape I had hobbled together and then later that afternoon I showed up at a gas station Tommy was broadcasting live from with a sandwich board that said “Honk if you want Ceci on the morning show”.

On his end, Tommy was praying for someone to apply who stood out like a bright pink piece of paper in the midst of all the resumes he was receiving at the time and I showed up out of the blue. He took a chance on me that day, which as I write this was 25 years ago. It is one of my very favorite miracle stories. God DID show up at exactly the right time and I’m praying the same for you and your family as well.

25 years of pointing people to Jesus through the music we play and the conversations we have in between the songs—  Ceci