At Joy99, we’re dedicated to serving the people of West Michigan with encouraging and uplifting music, and conversations that help you remember that you are important to God, and that by loving God and loving people, we can truly make a difference. We also work very hard to help unify people of faith.

So if you wonder why you occasionally hear commercials for political candidates or political issues that can feel divisive, here’s a peek behind the curtain – like every commercial radio station, Joy99 operates under a license from the FCC…that’s the Federal Communications Commission, a government agency. And in order to fulfill the requirements of that license, we’re required by law to carry political advertising. Even some you might disagree with. Even some we might disagree with.

This is a really unusual time in our nation’s history. No matter what commercials we have to run, we’re going to be praying for our country on election day, and we hope you will join us.