Father’s Day Gift idea!

Every dad on the planet has their favorite snack(s)…and quite often they just don’t get enough of them. Maybe your dad had a favorite childhood cereal or he likes a very specific kind of protein bar. Perhaps there is a running goo or even specific candy that you know he loves and just never buys for himself. 

A simple and loving gift is to load, even overload your dad up with his favorite treats.  Create a Dad’s Stash jar that’s only his and add 10lbs of gummy worms or Reese’s Pieces!  buy 6 boxes of FrootLoops or Apple Jacks that are just for him and no one else. 

Buy a case of this or a dozen that, but try to create a big overwhelming presentation, maybe a year’s worth of his favorite thing. 

The simple gesture of noticing and knowing what he loves and making sure he always has a supply is a fabulous and easy way to show your love!  Pay attention and go big!  He’ll love it!