Every season designers read the “Pantone tea leaves” and take a gamble on what will be hot fresh and fabulous for consumers. I love keeping up with color trends because I find that most of the time I have color trends in my closet, so it’s just a matter of shopping my wardrobe and reworking color combinations to appear more modern and chic.

You may recall last August I told you that pink and specifically fuchsia pink was going to be the “it” color for the coming season! Fuchsia EVERYTHING took off like a rocket.

This year the big breakout color is yellow….in every tone! From mustard to limon yellow is in!

I absolutely LOVE yellow. It’s the color of sunshine and happiness, but for a lot of people yellow is not a color that they think they can wear. So if you’re afraid of wearing yellow next to your face, no worries, you’ll be able to find great yellow accessories like shoes, handbags and bracelets. Or how about some fabulous yellow trousers or jeans to brighten your black/grey/cement wardrobe?

You’ll find lots of ways to incorporate yellow into your dressing this season and if you have yellow in your closet right now, break it out and start enjoying it with more confidence.

You can do this!

XO Andy