Have you noticed the price of water bottles these days?  Well some how designers have convinced us that the container we tote our water in speaks volumes about who we are, how much we care about our planet and most of all how fashionable we are. Yep!  There’s no doubt about it, the water bottle is the new accessory and mine is “cooler” than yours.

Just like wearing a fabulous pair of red shoes or topping an outfit with a fabulous jacket, your water bottle is the new fashion accessory that can complement your outfit and express your savvy chic style. There are now hundreds of colors and styles of bottles on the market, with gorgeous details, the kind of details you would see on a high end pair of shoes, a handbag or traditional accessory.

The water bottle carrier had a moment in the early 90’s when everyone one dawned a special purse-like pouch with a strap that allowed you to carry a large liter of water. The carrier was fancy. The bottle of water was not.

Now the trend is not about buying water and a luxury carrier for your cheap bottle, but hitting your spiket with an envious and beautifully designed water bottle that looks and feels luxurious.

If you haven’t bitten the bullet and bought a highend bottle, start shopping. The trend isn’t going away and the your bottle speaks volumes. Choose a bottle just like you would shoes and/or a purse.

You are worth the investment and toting a cool bottle will take years off of your look.

You can do this.