You’ve heard me talk about the room in my home, right when you walk in the door that is just hideous. I can’t stand it. I want it to be this really cool office, but I had NO idea how to make that happen. That’s why I’m working with Sandy at Williams Kitchen & Bath! She made some cool plans to put in a built in desk and cupboards. Thanks to EVERYONE that took the time to vote! It was close, but it looks like I’m going with design option #2! Here’s the room as it is now. (YUCK!) Here’s what it WILL look like. 



NOW, I get to go to The Williams Outlet and pick out what cabinets and desktop I want! This is super fun. I posted some choices for you to vote on again! We’re doing this together! Click here to vote!


Time to pick some cabinet colors for Brook's new home office! Thanks, The Williams Outlet for your help! What color do you like better?

Posted by JOY99 on Wednesday, February 27, 2019

If you have a room you need more storage in or just want to update, head to The Williams Outlet. They have so many great options at amazing prices!