The biggest shoe trend for spring 2022 is bows!!
Jimmy Choo added oversized horse hair bows to the opposite toe and ankle of his spring heels and a trend has followed!

Now you can find bows on everything from Birkenstocks to ballerina flats. The wonderful thing about this trend is all of the DIY possibilities. You can EASILY add bows and ribbon to almost any shoe with just a little hot glue or a quick stitch. 

You can even wrap a long piece of ribbon around your big toe, cross underneath your heel and around your ankles to turn a basic flat into a bowed MaryJane. 
You can use an old scarf, cut in half to create fabulous bowed slides or just attach some colorful bows to the back of old heels to freshen them up. 
The options and creations are endless, fun and really inexpensive. This is something we can all do to create new looks with our old shoes. 
You can do this! XOA