1. Memorize one Bible verse a week
2. Read a devotion together every morning (or night)
3. Create a family prayer jar and it fill it with requests. Pull one or two out each night and pray for them.
4. Attend church more consistently
5. Volunteer at church together
6. Play JOY99 in your car
7. Teach your kids about tithing to God
8. Focus on one Bible story a week. Read that story and discuss all week.
9. Have family worship nights at home
10. Talk about your God sightings each day. Have kids name ways they have seen God that day.
11. Say a blessing over your children
12. Forgive each other
13. Start a family gratitude journal
14. Hang a family prayer list on the fridge.
15. Do a random act of kindness for someone
16. Invite your pastor and their family over for dinner
17. Play Bible Trivia games
18. Invite a friend to church
19. Go on a hike in God’s creation
20. Go to the grocery store and buy items needed for your local food pantry.