There is just something about being cozy, isn’t there?

No matter the temperature outside, I love a moderate temperature inside so I can nestle under a warm, cozy blanket. This is one of my absolute favorites!

Psalm 91:4

He will cover you with his feathers, and under his wings, you will find refuge; His faithfulness will be your shield and rampart.

Can you imagine a mother hen covering her chicks under her wings to protect them from harm? Is there anything cozier than that?! The imagery David uses in this passage provides us with a great sense of comfort and peace. I imagine myself nestling close to God for safety and security when I read Psalm 91:4. Do you?

Thomas Watson explained this passage in this way: “Christ’s wings are both for healing and for hiding, for curing and securing us; the devil and his instruments would soon devour the servants of God, if he did not set an invincible guard about them, and cover them with the golden feathers of his protection.”

Benson Commentary explains that we can enjoy God’s affection under his wings, but his truth and faithfulness also make it so we can rest in God’s promise to be our “shield and rampart,” our strong and sure defense! God will take care of us no matter how precarious or challenging our circumstances may seem.

I wonder if you’re like me. I often find myself running around like a crazy person wondering how I’m going to make it when I face uncertainty, pain and distress. Instead, what if we ran straight under the protective covering of God’s wings? This is the safest place we could be! God is the only place of security in a lost and broken world.

Let’s take comfort under the wings of God. God is here to protect us, shield us, nurture us and embrace us. When we face a challenge of any kind, we are not alone. God is here covering us with his powerful feathers.