Last week Good News Network posted a list of ten positive updates on the COVID-19 outbreaks. People responded so positively that they wanted to post 10 more to keep things positive and keep people’s spirits up!

1. World Health Organization (WHO) officials say there are now 20 Coronavirus vaccines in development.
2. From individuals to countries and world governments – everybody is sharing face masks.
3. As American cities close up amidst outbreaks, pollution plummets.
4. As physicians worry about potential ventilator shortages, researchers develop several low-cost solutions.
5. Communities and countries opening up new lanes of free entertainment for the masses.
6. More than 100,000 people have already recovered from the virus worldwide.
7. Nobel prize winner who correctly predicted COVID-19 trend says, ‘we’re going to be fine’
8. Celebrities and businesses have contributed millions towards feeding and caring for at-risk people.
9. No matter where you look, people are being kind to each other.

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